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The F5 Ansible modules are developed primarily with the REST API in mind. Due to this requirement, we often take the approach that newer versions of BIG-IP are those that are best supported.

The versions of BIG-IP that support these modules typically start at version 12.0.0, but may require later versions than that depending on the REST functionality that is needed by them.


Fortunately or unfortunately, the Ansible modules are not recognized by F5 as a supported product at this time.

Due to this constraint, you could say that the maintainers of these modules have limited resources to focus on these full time. We do our best though, and offload many of the more mundane tasks to automation where possible.

With those constraints in mind, we hope you can see why we are not able to focus more on older releases of BIG-IP. Consider these modules as an incentive to upgrade your BIG-IP to a later version.

Finding assistance

If you need help with anything related to these modules, it is recommended that you open an issue on Github

We usually respond promptly and may ask you to contact us offline if we need to deal with something that would not be appropriate on a public forum.

When communicating with us on the Issues page, we generally recommend that you do it via Github’s UI and not via email. The reason for this is that we have seen examples where email communication may expose the name of your company when communicating with us.

Whether your company has an issue with this or not, it’s probably best if we stay vendor neutral when discussing the technical issues on a public forum. If you need more in-depth technical know-how, you’re free to ask us to ping you offline and we can handle things there.

Credentials and secret things

It’s considered bad form to expose credentials in a Github issue. Please be diligent of that!

We do not need any of the following task arguments to debug your issue

  • user
  • password
  • server
  • server_port

therefore, please be diligent and either

  • Do not provide them (leave them empty with empty quotes “”)
  • Provide placeholders for them (such as “admin”, “secret”, and “”)

We are very well equipped in terms of physical and virtual BIG-IPs to be able to diagnose and test your problems. Therefore we never need this information to provide your with assistance.

How to know which modules are supported

Remember that, ultimately, this repository contains experimental code.

However, with that said, there is a quick way to figure out if a particular module you are interested in has been tested to work on a particular platform or not.

To find that out, look for your modules in the tests/ directory.

Each module has a doc block which includes a “Tested platforms” section.

For example

The above doc block tells you that this particular module has not yet benn tested on any platforms. This is a fairly safe bet that the module is not complete yet.

Therefore, we would not recommend filing any bugs against this module.

Let’s take a look at another module though.

This module specifies the versions of BIG-IP that it has been tested against. Therefore, this module can probably be considered “complete” and ready for use by anyone.

It is these modules that we will entertain bug reports on.